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Love and Hate in Jamestown

Critical Acclaim

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"Solid and engaging.... Price focuses on the human story of Jamestown, nearly mythic in its resonances." — The New York Times

"Splendidly realized.... Price has given the Jamestown story a contemporary freshness." — The Boston Globe

"Price's well-researched book skillfully weaves together period letters and historical documents into a narrative and is an engaging and detailed account of the many lives that clashed during the founding of Virginia." — U.S. News & World Report

"A scrupulously researched retelling.... One cannot help but be impressed by the depth and breadth of Price's knowledge." — The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The story David Price tells so lucidly is far more compelling than the popular tale.... A splendid book." — The Christian Science Monitor

"Price clears away the misconceptions and sugar-coated half truths to reveal the true story of the Virginia Colony.... Full of drama, tragedy, and heartbreak." — Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Not only intellectually palatable, but also a juicy feast of compelling storytelling.... Love and Hate in Jamestown deserves an honored spot in any history buff's library." — Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Greed, arrogance, intrigue, valor, stupidity, suspense, and cataclysmic tragedy... Price interweaves all these elements with a graceful, reportorial style that never forgets the humanity of the individuals involved." — Orlando Sentinel

"This is, perhaps, one of the finest books of history this reviewer has read." — The Decatur Daily

"The most historically correct and stylistically elegant rendering of John Smith and Pocahontas that I have ever read." — Joseph J. Ellis, author of Founding Brothers

"John Smith... is scrupulously brought to life.... Price has re-created a figure to whom this nation owes a debt." — Dallas Morning News

[ U.S. Reviews 1 ] [ U.S. Reviews 2 ] [ U.K. Reviews ]

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