Love and Hate in Jamestown Paperback Book Cover Love and Hate in Jamestown Book Cover

Love and Hate in Jamestown

Critical Acclaim

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"The Jamestown story is splendidly realized.... Firmly grounded in original sources, particularly Smith's own vivid records, and in later scholarship." — Detroit Free Press

"A superb narrative of the founding of the first colony." — The New York Sun

"A stylishly written, authoritative retelling of the opening of the first permanent English settlement in the New World." — Harvard Magazine

"In Price's research, both Smith and Pocahontas emerge as full, compelling characters." — Washington City Paper

"[An] admirable new history.... A fine book, one that personifies the virtues I esteem in a work of popular history: clarity, intelligence, grace, novelty, and brevity." — David L. Beck, San Jose Mercury News

"Combining a gift for storytelling with meticulous scholarship, historian David A. Price sorts reality from legend in his splendid new book.... This engrossing narrative of the settlement and Smith's role in it is superbly done." — Bookpage

"This sparkling book retells a beloved tale in modern terms. Journalist Price's subtitle suggests that the book might be only about John Smith and Pocahontas — who 'crossed into one another's cultures more than any other Englishman or native woman had done' — as well as about Pocahontas's eventual husband, John Rolfe. Fortunately, the book ranges more widely than that. Price relates the entire riveting story of the founding of Virginia. Smith is of course at the center of the tale, because rarely did a colonial leader so bountifully combine experience, insight, vision, strength of character and leadership skills to overcome extraordinary odds. But no one will come away from this work without heightened admiration also for the natives, especially Chief Powhatan, and greater knowledge of the introduction of a third people, the African slaves, into the Chesapeake.... A splendid work of serious narrative history." — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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